While NEP does not guarantee a delivery deadline, our products will be shipped generally within a week after the order has been placed. Adverse weather conditions or civic emergencies beyond NEP’s control may delay delivery. Notwithstanding anything else mentioned herein, if and when necessary, NEP reserves the right to reschedule delivery to a later date or cancel the order. 

While placing the order the customer shall provide the following details:

  1. Name of the recipient
  2. Flat number/bungalow number
  3. Name of the building
  4. Name of the road/street
  5. Contact number landline/mobile
  6. Land mark
  7. Email address

When order is received by NEP, a confirmation email will be sent to the customer. 

The delivery will be made at the shipping address mentioned in the order. The consignment will not be redirected/redelivered to any other address, if the order is already despatched. 

NEP will consider the order as “executed” in the following cases :

  1. Delivery not done due to wrong address given by the customer
  2. Recipients or representatives not present at the address
  3. Premises locked.
  4. Wrong phone number or phone not working or switched off or not reachable, when tried by the delivery agent of NEP
  5. Addressee refused to accept the products.
  6. Delivered the product at the security cabin of the building/reception/neighbour.

NEP’s delivery agent/partners will make a reasonable attempt to deliver the order. If delivery is unsuccessful despite reasonable attempts, further delivery attempts will be made if customer so requests. Such further attempts will be made at NEP’s discretion and on payment of additional delivery charge.


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