Anusha Stephen,
Hutchins Road

This is a real life saver…makes disposal very convenient and less messy…”

Sindhu Jiju, Off NICE Road

“I posted some time ago regarding these eco-friendly garbage bags and how good they are with even wet waste and the fact that they are made by disadvantaged women (a win-win in my book). Over a month in, they are still going strong and I sometimes use them as storage bags as well, as they are quite durable.

Veeda Pinto Saroeia, Cooke Town

“greenBUG bags are a convenient, easy and eco-friendly way to dispose garbage. That they are sourced ethically and come with great service and good intentions make them an even better proposition. I have happily recommended them to friends, family, neighbours, and given them away as gifts. Hope you will too.

Rashmi Vallabhajosyula, Indira Nagar

“greenBUG has became part of our home and life! The project and product has inspired us to be more conscious about our environment. greenBUG is not just a bin liner. My daughter uses it as her goodie bag too 🙂 . Bitten by greenBUG for life!”

Sunayana Ugranad, Brookefield

Every little bit… 
I am addicted to greenBUG bags. Seamlessly designed, sturdily made, they are a simple but effective way to increase my green footprint. I use them in the kitchen, in the garden and to hold my Halloween candy too….they don’t just belong in dustbins u know! 
Keep up the good work Team greenBUG!

Geentanjali Barman, Whitefield

I was bitten by the BUG when they launched it. One could say, I’m one of the privileged few to get to use almost all versions of the bag till date. When I was introduced to greenBUG, I was more than glad to be switching from plastic and also contributing in my small way towards unskilled poor women through this initiative. The quality of the bags is good and it holds upto 2 days of kitchen waste for me. I urge as many people as possible to switch to these wonderful bags and help these hardworking women support their families. #greenbuguser

Krithika Ramesh, Sarjapur Rad

Nice! Second time purchase, happy customer. Glad to be using an eco-friendly product which also helps disadvantaged persons

Have been using these bags for a few months now since I discontinued plastic bags in my house. They are great quality. Come well packed. They store well. The instructions are helpful in advising how to handle wet and dry waste. Thank you for helping us help the environment.

Good product. Very useful and environment friendly

Happy greenBUG users on Amazon

greenBUG bags is an excellent product. I was recently introduced to [it], and it has become an absolute regular at my studio. What a wonderful product that is easy to use, and responsible!

Ricky Kej, Grammy winner, Conservationist

“I have had the pleasure of being the first Business Customer of greenBUG dustbin liners. Brisa Technologies continues to use these liners in the office, and I started using it at home as well. I happily recommend to more offices and businesses to use greenBUG liners and contribute their bit to a Greener Society.

Subodh Patil, Founder Director, Brisa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We have been using greenBUG dustbin liners in the LiveUp office for many months. All of us agree that we made the right decision when we switched to it. The liner does its job competently, and we are happy that we don’t have to throw away plastic bags daily any more.

Proud to be a greenBUG user.

Aashish Sharma, CEO / LiveUp India Pvt Ltd.

“When I met Jyoti and Arun, I was so impressed with the simplicity of the product and the power the product had to help change the world. I immediately agreed to put up the products on I was so sold on their idea that I went an extra mile, saying that I’d pick up the bags from their place. Love the team, the brand and the product.

Amar Krishnamurthy, MD & CEO, Town Essentials Pvt. Ltd.

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