Why should I use greenBUG liner?

For two big reasons: You do not want to further burden the Earth by using plastics for single use purposes. By using greenBUG, you are not only contributing towards a better planet for your children, but also a better present for the homebound poor women who make these bags. It brings them and their children a good supplemental income.

Do you have different sizes?

At the moment, there is just the regular sized greenBUG bag. For standard sized bins, the regular greenBUG works pretty well actually due to its flexible design.

Is it cheaper than plastic?

No, it is not cheaper than plastic. But then, the real cost of using plastic garbage bags in terms of what it does to the environment is not factored into its price. That is why they are so cheap. So, we really hope that you do not still use plastic just because it is cheaper.

Can I use it in my kitchen?

Yes, you can. Most kitchen waste is moist and greenBUG handles it competently. Of course, greenBUG is made out of newspaper and is not meant for liquids. So, avoid putting anything runny into it. So, wet and moist, yes; runny liquid, no.

My Kitchen waste is sometimes too wet. Can I still use the greenBUG bag?

If the waste still looks like it could be too wet (like seeds and debris from ripe papaya or melon), try putting it on top of other waste that is already in the bin. That has always worked for our customers, and, in fact, many of them recommend it too.

Is it suitable for office use?

Absolutely.  greenBUG is perfect for dry waste and can be reused for many days.  Many offices have already replaced plastic with greenBUG.

What if I pour water, tea or coffee?

A garbage bag – any garbage bag, not just a greenBUG – is meant to handle solid waste, not liquids. So, avoid putting anything runny into it. Ensure that your tea/coffee dregs/bags are well strained and then put them into the bin.

Why can’t you make greenBUG fully waterproof?

Making the greenBUG bag uses up no additional resources. No fuel, water, electricity or chemicals are used. Waterproofing a newspaper involves coating it with plastic or wax. That would give the greenBUG a big, fat carbon footprint.

For how long can I use one bag?

It depends on where you are using it. In a standard Indian kitchen, you will need to use one everyday or maximum for two days. For your bathroom/bio-waste bins, you can use it till in gets filled and ready to be disposed. For very dry waste such as in bedrooms, you can keep using and reusing one bag as long as you like.

Isn’t the bag too small ?

No, actually. It fits a standard size waste bin quite well. It’s about 13″ tall, has a mouth perimeter of over 90 cm, expands to a volume of about 10 litres, and can hold over 2kg dry load. It is adequate for the average family’s daily requirement.

I need to close the mouth of my garbage bag before putting it out for disposal. Can I do that with the greenBUG?

Yes, you can. Just use the greenBUG variant with the Tie-string. Fun fact: The Tie-string is eco-friendly too! It’s made of jute.

Why was greenBUG started ?

We believe that most people are environmentally conscious, but struggle to be earth-friendly due to a lack of practical and affordable alternatives. greenBUG’s aim is to make things easier for people to switch over from plastic garbage bags. To the women who make the bags, the income from it is a welcome supplement; and being in the position to facilitate this is a heart-warmer for us.


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